Launching Tiny news (ttrss aggregator client)

Despite industry tends to bury rss or atom, feeds as blogs are not dead. Something similar can be found with podcasts; when industry and its inertia force centralization and provide dedicated and proprietary protocols. But is difficult to kill the free federation of media content. So now they step back and industry is providing a lot of (cloud based) podcast clients, to make catalogues grow and start another round of attacks.

But blogs everywhere providing their own feeds enriches the minds, opinions and conversations. So you can create your own newspaper everyday. My motivations are well explained in original launching post.

Managing the sources you are informed of will determine the "press" you are going to read in your daily life, which sections and topics, which authors, columnists ... will ultimately shape you as editor of yourself. To maintain autonomy, and not depend on third parties and the economic viability of news providers, often linked to advertising, there is some software that can help us.

In 2017 I wrote this teaser about the motivation to create a "news" app: It has its origins back in 2014 using a plasma plasmoid, a rudimentary but complex (mockup) of ttrss and pocket client using the power of qml and plasma... everything was so recent and since then everything changed a lot. Nowadays kirigami and so qt's QML has changed how convergent apps could be in free desktops: look at elisa, kasts or plasma mobile

Now, with the acquisition of a new laptop that have a strong accent in its convergence ( thinkpad x13 yoga g2), I am revisiting the idea of using the laptop to read in a comfortable way the headlines, but I still cannot find a synchronized way of reading news. Despite there are a lot of applications ready to be touch friendly in gnu/linux, and more and more coming with the contribution of kde developers among others. There is no cloud feed aggregator client there, you can use alligator or akregator but they don't satisfy my needs as they lack the sync among devices. 

Talking about the backend,  I am still feeling confident with Tiny Tiny RSS (TTRSS), despite there is the shiny nextcloud news, and maybe will be adopted in tiny news sooner or later. TTRSS is solid and is running for years providing thousands of headlines in our servers here at, so why change it by now.

Mozilla Pocket is also a feature that's there, basic features, but functional enough to read the articles.

I must say that Tiny news still is not tested enough, a lot of improvements may be done (they are welcome in git repo), and some parts, as cpp and cmake could be improved massively with some help or mentorship :) .

So ttrssPocket plasmoid is death, long live Tiny News!


Code can be obtained in

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